Friday, January 25, 2013

Paragon Partition Manager Server 12 Build

Partition Manager Server – this powerful tool increases the efficiency of Windows-based system administration. Abundant functionalities such as system reconfiguration, deployment, backup, and disaster recovery will guarantee optimized disk partitioning and maximum utilization of your drives. Partition Manager Server Editions can help you minimizing downtime and required technician resources! Completely and safely manage your server using basic and advanced hard disk partitioning operations. Ensure your servers are running efficiently! Paragon Partition Manager Server Edition enables IT Professionals to create, format, resize, merge, undelete, move, copy, defragment and convert partitions safely and quickly for storing valuable company information, data files, applications, and operating systems.

Paragon’s server repartition software includes wizards for usual operations, possibility to save and edit scheduled tasks and a Professional Recovery CD. A powerful script generator helps to create and run scripts to automate common partitioning task. To maximize system performance Partition Manager Server Edition provides furthermore a powerful defragment utility and the ability to dynamically adjust cluster sizes significantly increasing system speed.
With Paragon’s partition software, IT Professionals are able to get optimum performance from workstations and servers, automate system management, save time, and last but not least reduce maintenance costs of their IT systems.
Partition Manager 12 Server includes all facilities to maximize utilization of storages while minimizing downtime and required technician resources when administering Windows Server:
• New drive partitioning engine – more functions, faster, yet safer
• Support for SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks
• Automatic partition alignment boosts storage performance
• Optional add-on for managing virtual storages
• Comprehensive bootable environments
• Backup and disaster recovery options
• Disk Editor and Boot Corrector…
Features and Benefits:
• New partitioning engine. Paragon has implemented a completely new engine for all drive partitioning operations, providing for faster, yet safer operation
• New hardware support. SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks as well as USB 3.0 devices
• Automatic partition alignment. Allows to get the most of physical and virtual data storages (not all operations are supported*)
• Live imaging. Protect Windows systems online with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (MS VSS) or Paragon Hot Processing
• Disk imaging options. Protect separate partitions or entire hard drives with minimal effort
• Rich backup destination. Local mounted/un-mounted partitions, external storages, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, and network shares
• Comprehensive recovery environments. Three types to choose from, based on Linux, DOS, and WinPE**, available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray, and thumb drives
• Split Partition. Separate OS and data or different types of data by splitting one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system, thus providing for more effective data organization and safety
• Merge Partitions. Separate OS and data or different types of data by splitting one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system, thus providing for more effective data organization and safety
• Redistribute Free Space. Increase free space on one partition by up-taking the on-disk unallocated space and the unused space of other partitions
• Selective Restore. Easily extract files and folders from a backup image through the Restore Wizard without the need to restore an entire image
• NTFS file system optimization. MFT defragmentation and shrinking enables to get the most out of the NTFS file system
• Boot Corrector. Fix most system boot problems that can be a result of a human factor, program error, or a boot virus activity under Linux or WinPE
Size: 38.1 MB


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