Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kerio Connect 8.0.1 Build 1028

Kerio Connect (formerly Kerio MailServer) represents a new generation of mail servers designed for corporate networks. To help combat increasing security threats, Kerio Connect offers a wide range of features to keep email from being intercepted, infected by computer viruses, or sent as spam. It offers modern email services, such as email access via IMAP protocol, secure web interface, or a cellular phone with WAP support. It also allows for creating public folders or setting up automatic replies. Share email, calendar and contacts, and schedule meetings on any platform. Bring Mac, Windows, Linux and smartphone users together. Use Kerio Global Address List (GAL) to provide an organization-wide directory of employees. Centralize your data into one location. Access your work in the office, on the road or at home.

Connect and do more while you are on the road. Reschedule a meeting when your flight has been delayed or send an email to your team members all at once. Kerio Connect gives you the freedom to work where you are and to use the smartphone of your choice. Simply syncs with direct push email. Sync email, calendar and contacts automatically with your mobile device. Great real-time changes on your phone, on your computer or on the web. Kerio Connect connects directly to ActiveSync enabled devices over the air. Protect your data when you phone is lost or stolen. Delete confidential information from your device over the air, through Kerio Smart Wipe.
Secure your Inbox from excessive spam management or malicious attacks. Kerio Connect comes with the strongest anti-spam and anti-virus protection built into a mail server. Block spam and viruses more efficiently from incoming, outgoing, and relayed email messages and attachments.
Over 14 anti-spam layers:
• DHA (Directory Harvest Attack protection)
• SpamAssassin (Bayes, Heuristic, and SURBL)
• Anti-phishing / anti-spoofing
• RBL (Real-time blacklist servers)
• Custom whitelists and blacklists
• SMTP restrictions and more…
Reduce server resource consumption. Block up to 80% of spam before it even reaches the server. Save hard drive space, RAM and CPU usage.
Integrated McAfee. Turn on the integrated McAfee anti-virus protection for
• Faster deployment
• Better compatibility
• Lower maintenance
Third-party anti-virus plug-ins. Use your existing anti-virus system with Kerio Connect easily through Kerio’s built-in anti-virus plug-ins.
Dual anti-virus ready. Combine McAfee with a second anti-virus engine for double the anti-virus protection.
What’s new in Kerio Connect 7:
CardDAV Access
• Easily synchronize your local and global contacts.
• Kerio Connect 7 pushes open standards in messaging and collaboration with the implementation of a new open source protocol, CardDAV, for address book synchronization.
• Sync up contacts among various laptops, and servers, easily, with this leading edge technology.
Distributed Domain Cluster
• Organizations with offices in multiple geographic locations have the availability to work and manage resources, mail, and calendars while still enjoying the benefits of a single collaboration server.
• With Kerio Connect easily join multiple Kerio Connect servers into a single geographically dispersed cluster.
Full Web Administration
• Easy to manage
• Quickly and securely manage all aspects of the server through any standard web browser.
• No additional software to download. Manage your servers from a smartphone.
Mobile Device Support
• Manage contacts, calendars, and E-mail via Exchange ActiveSync Push Technology.
• We now support new OS: Web OS, Android.
• New smartphone support for Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, T-Mobile G1, G2, Verizon Droid, Google Nexus One, and more.
Retention Policy
• Automatically delete old email items to conserve space and prevent excessive storage of old information.
Changes in Kerio Connect 8.0.1 – February 19, 2013:
+ Added support for Windows Phone 8.
* Added an option for PCI DSS compliance related to potential SSL BEAST problem. See ‘DisableRC4SHA’ configuration value in the mailserver.cfg file.
- Fixed warning about missing system locales on some Linux systems.
- Fixed upgrade process from trial mode to licensed version.
- Fixed rare crash on server shutdown.
- Fixed crash when sorting a folder with huge amount of items.
- Fixed issue when user was not able to enter new password for Calendar, Reminder or AddressBook account (CalDAV and CardDAV protocol) on iOS 5 or iOS 6.
- Fixed rare unhandled exception on file access.
- Fixed rare crash on deeply nested multi-part MIME messages.
- Fixed high server CPU usage with Apple Address Book CardDAV accounts connected.
- Fixed paging of LDAP requests for Open Directory.
Kerio Connect client
- Fixed email parser in Kerio Connect client.
- Fixed memory leaks in browser.
- Fixed problem with many reminders for users with Mac OS clients.
- Fixed problem with link to Kerio Connect client from webmail in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
- Fixed invalid URL for mailto href.
- Fixed problem with invitation on distribution list with lots of contacts.
- Some email was not rendered, says Loading…
- Minical in end date doesn’t respect the first day in week setting.
- Minical overview isn’t displayed correctly.
- When Kerio Connect client save messages to draft, it shows “sending” even after the message was sent.
- Sound of notification was played every minute.
- Timeout for requests was increased for slow connection.
- Fixed server error when user from Cc or BCc tries to confirm message reading.
- Polish: Issue of typing ‘Ĺ›’ into subject – it saves draft instead.
- Fixed issue where Chrome shows blank page instead of opening PDF attachment.
- Fixed rare crash in a calendar caused by an invalid event.
- Stopped adding X-MSMail-Priority header because it causes high spam score.
- Fixed rare crash in sharing folders.
- It is no longer possible to move an e-mail from a read-only folder.
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
- Synchronized attachments in old messages are no more removed from local cache.
- Fixed rare issue causing synchronization to stop working due to frozen KoffRtfWrapper process.
- Fixed switching online/offline in Outlook 2013.
- Fixed rare issue preventing KOFF installation/update.
- Search in contact folders for full email address is case sensitive.
- Fixed rare stability issue in Outlook GUI.
- Fixed installation problems when some special folder is missing or incorrectly redirected.
- Fixed issues with Outlook profiles containing characters not present in English alphabet.
Size: 202 MB


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