Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NANO AntiVirus Beta

NANO AntiVirus provides reliable protection of your computer from any kinds of malware such as viruses, Trojans (binary, macro, script), worms and other dangerous programs. The product is very useful. The resource optimization usage ensures the comfortable user’s work. The performance of frequent tasks is easy-to-use. You can check your computer or removable medium, start the express testing and update components of antiviral complex by one click. NANO AntiVirus has the ability to protect your system in real-time mode. Each time when you try to access to any file with turned on real-time protection, system will automatically scan that file. The trusted area allows you to except some safe objects from testing for acceleration of scanning. Any suspicious and infected objects can be placed into quarantine folder for safe keeping and additional analysis. There is the possibility to start testing in the name of other user account in our program. It can be useful for system administrators.

NANO AntiVirus is a powerful and advanced application designed to provide you with security levels that conform to actual threats. The feature of our complex is possibility to choose the handy interface with required functionality. Light interfaces with optimal settings are intended for users who needn’t in additional settings. More complex interfaces give the possibilities for tweaking. They are optimal for advanced users and IT-specialists. Anyway you computer is protected safely.
The NANO AntiVirus software offers you the following advantages:
• Protection of your computer from any type of viruses, trojans and worms including their encrypted and polymorphous variations.
• Real-time protection of your system, that guarantees the safety of your information during your work time.
• Extended support of compacted files that allows to find malwares in various types of archives.
• NANO AntiVirus provides high speed scan by using of advanced technology.
• Detection of new types of malware through system behaviour analysis.
• Timely update of the virus database to protect your computer from new viruses and malware.
New in the NANO AntiVirus Beta:
* Fixed a bug which on rare occasions results in incorrect “play mode” operation.
* Now no notification is showing on finish of the task of auto rescan the quarantine after update (was changed at user request).
* Fixed an error which in exceptional cases results in failure to open the main window of antivirus.
* Fixed an error which rarely occurs on some mail server configuration and results in inability to get mail.
* Optimized the scheme of run of auto-update task.
* Fixed a number of errors and added a number of enhancements.
Size: 279 MB
Website http://nanoav.ru

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