Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Picasa 3.9.0 Build 136.19 software free download for Windows and Mac

Picasa is software that makes it easy and fun to view, organise, edit and share the digital photos on your PC. It will not delete your pictures or put them online without your permission. Picasa automatically finds and organizes all of your pictures including: jpeg, tiff, bmp, psd, and standard camera movie files. Sending pictures with e-mail used to mean five steps just to get it right. Picasa lets you pick the size and then automatically attaches your pictures. Browse through all your pictures and view slideshows of your albums with the click of a button. Enhance, fix red-eye, and even crop without losing data or permanently changing your original picture. Take your photos further with Picasa from Google. Picasa is free photo management software from Google that helps you find, edit and share your pictures in seconds. We recommend that you print out this brief overview of Picasa’s main features and consult it as you use the programme for the first time to learn about new features quickly.

Picasa helps you find and organise all your pictures: you start Picasa, it scans your hard drive to find and automatically organise all your pictures. Picasa finds the following image and movie file types:
• Image file types: JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PNG, BMP, RAW (including NEF and CRW). GIF and PNG files are not scanned by default, but you can enable them in the options dialogue.
• Film file types: MPG, AVI, ASF, WMV, and MOV.
Picasa features:
• Organise – Picasa instantly locates and organises all the pictures on your computer.
• Edit – Turn a grey sky into a picture-perfect day.
• Share – The hardest part of sharing your pictures is choosing your favourites.
• Prints & Products – Print beautiful pictures at home with more custom sizes or order prints, gifts and books from your favourite online companies.
• Backup – Do not lose your digital memories. Safely back up your photos with Picasa.
• Create – Enjoy your pictures in fun, creative ways – it is what photography is all about!
New features in Picasa 3.9:• Share to your Google+ circles — If you’ve joined Google+, you can use Picasa 3.9 to share directly to the circles you’ve created in Google+. They’ll see your photos and videos in their Google+ stream. People that don’t use Google+ aren’t left out. They’ll get an email to view your album in Google+, and they don’t have to join to do so.
• Picasa name tags on Google+ — If you’ve joined Google+, you may have noticed that name tags have become more social. With the release of Picasa 3.9, you can now upload and share your name tags on Google+. Note that if you choose not to join Google+, name tags won’t change at all.
• New photo editing effects — We’ve added a plethora of new editing effects like Vignette, Duo-tone, Borders and more.
• Side by side editing — Compare two different photos side by side. Or compare the original and edited versions versions of the same photo simultaneously as you apply edits in Picasa. Learn how to edit side by side.
Changes in Version 3.9.0 Build 136.17 – March 14, 2012:
* Closer integration with Online Contact Management.
o Prevent loss of online contact information.
o Added Refresh Contacts button for People Manager.
o GMail contacts no longer created from local contacts.
o Better merging of duplicate contacts.
o For the same contact, ensure data from G+ supercedes GMail data.
* Better Face Tagging support.
o Stop creating duplicate online contacts for text-tags.
o Improved auto-completion for tagging contacts.
o Allow control of tag uploads on per-contact basis.
o Improved synchronization between local and online tags.
o Fix some null-pointer crashes in face tagging related code.
o Better avoidance and removal of duplicate shapes.
o Added experimental feature to write all face tags to XMP.
* Preserve size settings for album upload as default for re-uploads.
* Fixed application hang due to deadlock in directory scanner.
* Fixed problems with album sync sometimes blocking images from upload.
* Fixed problems with album sync not recognizing local changes and uploading.
* Fixed errors handling PNG files with metadata errors.
* Fixed an application hang during shutdown.
* Fix crash during audio conversion portion of slideshow creation.
* Fix crashes that could occur while accessing Picasa database.
* Fix crashes occuring during memory allocation.
* Address security issue in parsing bogus BMP data. We would like to thank coolkaveh for reporting this issue to us.
* Address security issue in parsing bogus TIFF data.
* Internal changes to accomodate G+ API changes.
Size: 14.2 MB


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